Lighting Equipments

To provide a well environment for poultry there need to be different types of equipment as feeding and drinking systems, ventilation and heating systems.  However in order to obtain a high functionality a lighting system is required. A proper lighting system ensures poultry to be able to make the most of their indoor environment. As feeding, drinking and other systems would have optimum functionality due to the proper lighting.

To have the poultry using all of the breeding space in an optimum manner at a high level of prosperity is provided by a proper lighting.

Since layers and broilers have their own distinct roles and needs special equipment, facilities and management is required. Specified lighting is one of the important aspects of poultry farm equipment.

Poultry behavior is directly related to lighting. In other words different lighting can indeed affect different poultry behavior in terms of activity and productivity. Ergo each type of poultry requires its own type of lamp and lighting that may not be suitable to the other.

The spectrum and intensity are two of the important factors of light which are necessary to be provided regarding the type of poultry.

Should the breeding plants have shade areas, the bird accumulation increase in those areas. This would lead to moist bedding, consequently blisters and claw lesions are formed. Due to this fact it is of great importance to produce uniform light distribution.

When planning a bedding system, considering the light distribution is essential. A proper lighting would stimulate the birds to use the entire breeding area and meet the needs of the chickens.

Accordingly, after research and study VST has produced energy efficient light bulbs. Unique advantages of these lamps are as follows:

  • 80 – 90% energy saving
  • 0-100% dimming capability
  • Low heat production
  • Without disruption to network fluctuations
  • Noflickering
  • 200 degrees radiation angle
  • Noflickering
  • A+ energy consumption index
  • Uniform distribution of light
  • Without mercury and harmful rays
  • Save investment by lower energy costs
  • Body construction high quality
  • Use high efficiency LEDs
  • Easy installation and implementation