Disinfection equipments


Vaccination Equipments



Me-International was founded in 1980 by Mr. Rolf Müller in Germany. Quality has always been a great importance for me-International. For many years, clients’ satisfaction and a better incubation process always have been the main focus of this company. Me-International constantly develops its technology in order to maintain the health of the chickens and its optimum production. Large incubator companies and this company cooperate in the following aspects:

  • Manufacturing disinfectant equipment
  • Manufacturing vaccination equipment
  • Producing egg washing equipment (in accordance with health principles)

Me-International communicates with major incubator equipment suppliers and its clients which helps it to pursue technology development in poultry.

As their clients all around the world are satisfied with their products and services, me-International stands tall among competitors. Their main objectives are to develop the market and attract new clients.