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Royal Pas Reform was founded in 1919 and has been a successful international company in poultry industry for 100 years. The company specializes in the incubator industry and related machinery. Royal Pas Reform’s experience and innovation have made it one of the pioneers in the incubation industry in the world. Much of the Royal Pas Reform research has been done over the biological and physiological embryo genesis, causing desirable quality and efficiency poultry products in Royal Pas Reform that will be continued to increase productivity in the future.

Royal Pas Reform Embryology Research and Development Center as a pioneer in the industry not only in embryology but also in embryo’s genetic evolution, have been conducting extensive dedicated research on the needs of local and global markets through collaboration with institutes and academic research and its clients. Royal Pas Reform partnership includes a wide range of innovative incubation technologies. They stand by their partner from the beginning to the end.

Royal  Pas Reform Capabilities

  • 3 central offices
  • 12 Service Centers
  • 46 representative companies around the world
  • Exportation to more than 100 countries

Royal Pas Reform Services

  • Incubation machines manufacturing
  • Climate control system production
  • Incubation plant automation
  • Chicken control mechanized processes
  • Technical, engineering and after sales services
  • Training and Support


Currently Royal Pas Reform is the only company around the world that provides its customers with training, machinery supplement and equipment, comprehensive automation systems and after-sales services.

In 2018, Royal Pas Reform became the first manufacturer in poultry by launching and introducing Smart Start as a proper source of feed (water and food) for chickens during hatchwindows. Aforementioned project has completed in collaboration of Royal Pas Reform with Biotech Start-up, DSM Premix and Philips after 2 years of research.

Royal Pas Reform Center for Embryology Research and Development, as a pioneer in the industry, not only embraces embryology but also embryo development and genetic evolution, through extensive collaboration with research institutes and universities and its clients based on the needs of local and global market.

Royal Pas Reform expands its partnership through incubation activities with a wide range of innovations and …. It stands by its clients from the start to the end.

Vala Sanat Tose’e as the sole official representative of Royal Pas Reform Company, is ready to meet all needs of the incubation industry in Iran providing the highest global standard for incubation craftsmen including the provision of incubators, installation, training, equipment supplies as well as after-sales service and support.

Customers receive full service and support and can see their industry grow, due to professional partnership of Vala Sanat Tose’e and Royal Pas Reform.