One-day-old chicken vehicle

One-day-old chickens are one of the most effective factors in the finished price of poultry products.The inclusion of one-day-old chickens from production to consumption purposes has a major impact on the quality and quantity of poultry industry products. Due to the long distance between hatcheries and poultry farms the transportation of one-day-old chickens could affect the chickens, ergo it requires special attention.Several factors must be considered when transporting chickens, including temperature, humidity, carbon content (ventilation) and air pressure.

Our company’s mission is to develop technology. Therefore, partnering with Van Ravanhorst in the Netherlands as one of the oldest manufacturers of chicken carriage in the world which has been produced for over 100 years and collaborating with Bahman Diesel Automotive as the Isuzu Automobiles Manufacturer in Iran, VST is proud to announce the one-day-old Chicken Car. The car is designed to meet the standards of one-day-old chicks.



Chassis Length


Chassis Width



8,4 tons

Engine Volume


Engine Type

4 Linear Cylinders, Turbo Charge and Inter-cooler Included

Engine Power

2600/155 HP / RPM


one-day-old chicken transportation license of Traffic Police


  • Cabins are made ofstyrofoam (polystyrene) sandwich panels coated with corrosion-resistant to withstand daily disinfection as well as -20 °C to 40 °C temperatures.
  • Smart adjustment of temperature and adequate and balanced ventilation by rotating the air through the filtered ceiling.
  • Smartheat control bythe engine and cooling byan extra engine.
  • Central control and monitoring temperature, humidity and CO₂ in the driver’s cabin
  • All parameters are manually controllableby the driver in emergency.
  • Cabins are made of styrofoam (polystyrene) sandwich panels coated with corrosion-resistant to withstand daily disinfection as well as -20 °C to 40 °C temperatures.
  • A lift could be installed at the bottom of the cabin foreasier loading and unloading.
  • Protected cabin to prevent the spreading contamination of contagious diseases to livestock and humans during transportation.
  • Due to a diesel generator, all cabin systems are operating even when the truck engine is off. The truck may stop on the track, especially in adverse weather without needing to unload and reload.
30،000 Day year old PCS
6،000 / 2،000 / 2،100 mm
Cabin Generator
KUBOTA or YANMAR400 Volts/ 50 Hz/ 30 KW
Engine Type